A stream-of-consciousness personal reflection on a terrible series of joke games and the fangame community they grew in. This was written and assembled in less than 24 hours with light editing. Probably rife with mistakes.

Thanks to Retriever II and Techokami for their help.

Credit to Thunder Dragon

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I started making games as a direct response to what I played in MFGG, after years of messing around, games like Thingio and Waligie had inspired me. I never quite made anything up to those standards or too similar to those, but I've always worked on games in my spare time due to MFGG.

I'm very glad you put this up, it's not only interesting but it covers a small part of history that had a huge effect on me, even as a lurker. God speed dude.

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Reading this was like the breakfast club of the internet. While I was never into the MFGG community I can respect such an old and venerable website as that one. There is a legacy to many cultures on the internet and to me it feels like these places and these legends as you put it are just as culturally significant as any other legends and cultures from countries or groups of people. It happenned much faster and as such it is less engrained in people but I think it is still here and it is still very legitimate. Its like everywhere you can see these micronations all stuck together, always with some overlap but never too much.
I just hope that it will all be archived and saved for future generations, just like ancient history, these things can easily be forgotten and lost, leaving us with only witnesses and speculation as to what these ancient times and traditions were. 


Great piece. I was never super involved in MFGG, but it was a cool place with a lot of talent [and humor]. Good to see a piece on it..